OPERA Ergosum

Trans Ages Music  belongs to the New Opera Styles  and is exploring how a total work of art can coexist with recurrence/evolution, combining various music styles from renaissance to contemporary music, while using new multimedia technology and audio/visual programming. This is also an attempt to apply mathematical and scientifc approaches in the art feld. The main purpose is to expose the principle of human perception.






Ergosum comes from the assertion „cogito ergo sum“ (“I think, therefore I am”) from Rene Descartes “Discourse on the Method“, this statement will be a symbolic and main theme from conceptual point of view. Opera „ERGOSUM“ takes even a step further suggesting „I percept it, therefore it is art“. The opera is composed in „Trans-Ages Music“ using algorithmic and geometrical difference, combining styles from Renaissance Polyphony, Fugue, Selialism to complex theory. The numerical values and models are refected through visual algorithm and choreography, with the help of real time interactive system including projection-mapping and others. In my opinion composing with difference styles (from renaissance Polyphony to glitch with complex theory)means we have already a lot of artistic hints in the History.With that in mind I compose using algorithmically numerical value and implement in interactive common process music, visuals, performers’ bodies and singer’s voice with motion tracking and projection mapping. This Interactive relation of numerical value reveals approach to the structure of Human prerception (phenomenon/ repressntation/ image) Purpose of Opera „ERGOSUM“ is to elaborate a frame of spatiotemporal and cognitive scientifc dramatic composition, where components of such composition are a basis of total work of art,as well as expose this part of Human perception. 


The biggest challenge of this opera is to compose algorithmic and geometrical difference of various music style throughout history (from renaissance polyphony to complex theory and to visualize these music components though graphic algorithms and choreography. Artifcial automaton and algorithms program the visual system, it responds to performers (dancer, singer) movements. This process elaborated using the newest technology. This fusion and mix of conventional music composed by me already as this theme, for orchestra with turntable, ensemble, string quartet etc. In addition to this I integrated this art feld with relatively new multimedia (motion tracking, real-time projection mapping). With this attempt I hope to build a connection between conventional art (music) and new digital media. This is „Trans Ages Music“ style coexisting with recurrence/evolution as total work of art. And I would like to contribute to further development and evolution in cognitive scientifc approach of art.

By Tatsuru Arai 



Copyright ©2016 by Tatsuru Arai