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 The theme  

The theme in my music art is to present the fundamental physical nature of the universe in the form of perceptional experiences. I found the aesthetics of “geometric structure” in historical musical works. The human perception of sound, one physical phenomenon, influences the human being and the “geometric structure” is a fundamental pillar that allows us to understand the true nature of the universe. Creating a way to experience a part of the nature of the universe through sound is my idea of the ultimate artistic work.

Through the advance of science and physics, we will have better understanding of human perception and cognition. By the evolution of computer technology, we are developing Artificial Intelligence and algorithms for synthesis of music that are going to overtake human capacity in the near future. This will eventually lead us from today’s traditional composer to the future “über-composer” that is really a collaboration between Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. Now we are in the age of transition from the traditional composer to the “über-composer”.

However I think a computer alone cannot create the ultimate intellectual aesthetics i.e. the aesthetics of “geometric structure”. From another point of view, the musical art of the 20th century has been devoted to the creation of new techniques, but has not considered the influence of those techniques on the human perception. I think it would be very difficult to hand over the aesthetics of musical art, the heritage of several hundred years of work, to the emerging “über-composer”.

I believe “geometric structure” is essential in passing the heritage of several hundred years of work to “über-composer”. I would like to propose the followings three fundamental musical, artistic ideas to create the bridge between the traditional composer and the “über-composer”: 



By studying 600 years of Music history that spans from Middle Age to Contemporary, I have extracted some “geometric structure” which constitutes fundamental elements of music. Those musical elements are essential for the innovations in musical structures. Trans-Ages-Music is a method in which those musical elements are reconstructed into “meta-style” while maintaining music temperaments and achieve maximum contrast and dramaturgy.



The traditional Serial music began from 12-tone technique of Schönberg in about 100 years ago. It has been evolved to the Serialism, by René Leibowitz and Pierre Boulez. In the history of music technology, Hyper-Serial-Music will add innovation to the principle of Serialism three-point: "structural", "complex" and "noisy". Hyper-Serial-Music is the algorithm music generated by state-of-the-art technology such as Artificial Intelligence than by native human intelligence only.


3: Visualization of geometric abstract music

An attempt to realize the perception of music through non-auditory sense. It is achieved by extracting and visualizing To extract “geometric structure” of music, which is as an essential element in perception of music and is a manifestation of sound, aone physical phenomenon.

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