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Opera Vitruvian


one act interactive Opera "Vitruvian"
Tatsuru Arai composition,concept
Arístides García visual system
Anna Anderegg choreography
Antoniya Ivanova costume design
Elisa Pluta dance
Xenia Romanova soprano




My artistic approach falls within the category of "New-Renaissance Art" in which I am exploring how a Gesamtkunstwerk can coexist with recurrence/evolution, Human/Technology, organic/inorganic matter, Chaos/Order. Vitruvian uses real-time painting and a projection-mapping system; otherwise know as visualization. This performance features a singer and a dancer. The basis for the inspiration of my operetta Vitruvian is from the “Vitruvian man” of Leonardo da Vinci, where the piece attempts to make both an analysis and mapping of the human-body. The movements and vocalizations of the performers are mixed with different musical styles, which are composed and programmed with complex chaos systems/geometric forms/abstructuristic choreography and so forth. Beside this, the work is a combination of extremes and tries to induce the audience into an odyssey of perception.

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