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Installation Face Of Universe


“Face of Universe”

The principle of our ecosystem was born from the nuclear fusion energy of the sun. At the beginning of the earth's birth, atmosphere contained a lot of carbon dioxide and nitrogen and was high Temperature.After that, over hundreds of millions of years, earth's surface cooled, and the water vapor turned into rain and fell on the earth's surface, forming the sea. About 4 billion years ago, plants were born in the sea.Long after that, our human civilization formed urban. There are several papers, through NASA's observation that plants on Earth are increasing as plants that require carbon dioxide absorb carbon dioxide emitted by humans. Here we can find principles and tips for how Urban city and ecosystems can coexist.

The wild flowers that coexist in the Urban are part of the history of the ecosystem born from the nuclear fusion energy of the sun, and may be the "face of the universe.

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