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Visualization of geometric abstract music



An attempt to realize the perception of music through non-auditory sense. It is achieved by extracting and visualizing To extract “geometric structure” of music, which is as an essential element in perception of music and is a manifestation of sound, aone physical phenomenon and visualize with new technology. This will extend which the understanding, perception of music beyond the auditory sense.


 Music and Physics and Perception 

When the sound property inherent in physical phenomena as sound waves is perceived by the human organ, its inherent physical property is detected by human organ and constructed as music through will be constructed in the human body by sensory, cognitive, and or the like thinking process.Although Sound itself has a property and is an activeis nature, it is a medium that active, but it alone is not a music itself. Sound is perceived, sensed and thought about by in a the body as passive medium and, it is integrated with a passive medium as sensory, cognitive, thinking by the active energy, and then it becomes music.Music and is the dramaturgyt of the body caused by the nature of the sound wave. Music Composition and is a blueprint for the dramaturgy of the body.


 Music form and Space 

Entity of the Sound is elastic wave which, transmitster of energy of vibration. When that caused the body's dramaturgy,

For example, the conductor, move her hand from high up in the air when conducting in the case such as high-frequency instrument such as flute or, violin. She will move her hand from lower position when conducting low frequency instrument such as, will put hands in the high position at space. And low-frequency cello or, double bass, hands at the low position.

For each section of the notation of the orchestra, from the top there is a custom to write from high frequency instrument at the top and lower one nextin order. In other words, frequency of the sound, which is related to the number of waves arriving at you per unit time, isoriginaly the high and low of the frequency of the sound is the quantity of the wave, but tied to the space (high and low) by the human brain and body. will tie that to spatial recognition.

Similarly, at the same volume, high sound is perceived thinnarrow and , low sound is torecognizeperceived as thick. When theThat's a form of sound waveform is gentle, it is perceived as hear the gentle sound, iIf the form has spikesis angular, it is perceived as sharp sound. The sound itself has properties and elements that can be replaced bywith other media. Its elements, the pitch (frequency), the quality of the sound (tone), structure and form (elapsed time) is what can be referred to as "geometric structure" of the music that I say.


 Transform to Visual 

I believe tThe sound, which is an elastic wave, spreading radially is , at the time of replaced by different spatial perception at the time of perception and , recognition. , can be replaced with a different spatial perception and I think.

It is in general may beight have been said that referred as synesthesia. That is, human being unconsciously binds the nature of the hearing media with the visual media unconsciously. Significance I, fiound in the visualization of sound, is revealing even a glimpse of principles of the universe by how different media are linking the nature of each other different media, make us able to glimpse some of the principles of the universe. The fact that the "geometric structure" of the sound can have strong iInfluence strongly on the human beings i.e. , that is, can make thecausing dramaturgy of body, is a hint to understand essence of the music. By seeking Like this, when we think from a new point of view to study music, I strive to believe that we can get the essential recognition and understand ing the essence of music and deeplyprinciple of how one perceives music.

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