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violin-playing-body for violin solo and projection Mapping

violin solo:Susanne Zapf  (Sonar Quartet)

composition/Vsiaual programming:Tatsuru Arai



violin-playing-body is a new research project about the connection between the movements of the player and the music itself. what happens with the music, if the performer moves with the music or in contradiction to are the body and the movements of the performer connected to the music? Is the movement itself/alone music as well? What happens to the music if we minimize or maximize the movements while playing?

violin-playing-body will go on a journey and search for answers. This journey will become a music piece with visual influences. First step we take is to compose a piece for violin and Kinect Sensor, a sensor developed to control videogames only by body movements. If this works out, we will add the use of the so called "body projection mapping" , to expand the visual aspect.

by Susanne Zapf


This work is a collaboration with violinist Susanne Zapf (Sonar Quartet) and Composer Tatsuru Arai,as part of Project „Violin-Playing-Body“,that try to research and find a new perspective  in the classical Instrument.The Music is composed by Tatsuru Arai as Trans Ages Music,that will be Various styles(renaissance, Barock, classical, Romantic, Modern,Contemporary,electronics),it can cause a variety of movement of Violinist,and will be visualized  from movement of body of violinist and itself Sound on the real time.​



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