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photon (2004)

for flute,clarinet,violin and cello  

analog motor cycle (2005)

for flute,viola,bassoon,contrabass,cembalo,percussion and electronics 

Mechanical Ballet (2005)

for chamber orchestra  

Hypertext simulation (2006)

 for 4sections chamber orchestra  

cesic (2006)

soprano,alto,tenor,drum-set,2violin,viola,cello and contrabass  

Plural Matrix (2007)

for orchestra  

forgeryphonic (2007)

for a turntable,2E-guitar,1E-bass and orchestra  

trio (2008)

improvisation for E-guitar with laptop(Tatsuru Arai),laptop(Kensuke Fujii) and piano(Shintaro Mieda)  

tak (2009)

interactive and realtime-genelateive system for Audience  with wiiremote 

Rhapsodie on the "G" (2009)

for viola ensamble  

Autoarchitekt (2010)

Sound sensor-system with microphon 

dual clicks (2010)

Sounds,Visual-System  with infrared LED

prelude for "Opera La traviata by Giuseppe Verdi" (2011)

Regie:Margo Zalite

Electronics and Noise:Tatsuru Arai  

schlagephonie (2011)

for a percussion and sensor/visual-system with microphon

Maneuver (2011)

for electronics and 20stage lightings

lighting regie:Georg Schütky

Neuro-naissance (2011)

music,graphic,system for dance Performance

My Favorite Things (2012)

music:Seiko Ito

graphic:Tatsuru Arai

Hommage to M.R. Bolero (2012)

acusmonium(demo) for 24 special speakers

wavepedia (2012)

acusmonium for 24 special speakers


Motion-Tracking (2013)

Sound-programing for Motion-Tracking

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