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Yasmin Gate/interactive Visual System


Yasmin Gate official web site


Yasmin Gate‘s live show is an innovative audiovisual experience for the club scene. Not only does she illuminate the stage with her vocals and charismatic presence, she truly glows while she plays her custom, never seen before instrument, theDsumi (DS Unconventional MIDI Instrument). Her music is accompanied by an interactive visual system designed by Japanese artistTatsuru Arai.
She has been performing live in many clubs in the last years such as Kantine Berghain (Berlin), Rex (Paris), Tresor (Berlin),Gipsy Club(Moscow), Club Cultural Matienzo (Buenos Aires), Platoon Kunsthalle (Berlin), Maaalune 9 (Hammarimaja, Estonia), Lido (Berlin), Siroco (Madrid), Electro Parade (Bogota), Nouveau Casino (Paris), Razzmatazz (Barcelona)…
She also played as support band for artists such as Nina Hagen (Asphalt), Wolfgang Flur Ex-Kraftwerk (Lido), Magnus(Kantine Berghain) among others.

(text from yasmin Gate officcial web site)

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