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Thermo-ton from Hyper Serial Music for sound visual Performance

Sound and Visual performance “Thermo-ton” is the 4th chapter of Hyper Serial Music. This work expands on the history of serialism – an important 20th century method of music composition used by Arnold Schönberg, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Pierre Boulez, among others– by incorporating new technologies such as artificial intelligence and new approaches.

In the history of music technology, Hyper-Serial-Music is innovating the principle of Serialism three-point: "structural", "complex" and "noisy". Spanning from 1728 different noise patterns, these sounds are on the limits of human auditory perception.

Developing and expanding the expression of Hyper Serial Music from past works (Arkhitek-ton)[2016-17], Matters-ton [2017-18], Quantum-ton [2018-19]), in this new work titled “Thermo-ton”, the composer scrutinizes the dynamics of energy, from heat to cold, translating it to sound and video, using algorithms.The contrast between the imagery texture and context mixed with the various sounds structures,such as Hyper Serial Music, A.I. Music and classical music composed by myself, creates the maximum dramaturgy of this performance.

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