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Sound/Visual Installation “Quantum”

Sound and Visual Installation “Quantum” is 1st Installation of Hyper Serial Music project.The sound what human can perceive is only part of the enormous Quantum energy and Vibration of the Universe.Music is extracted and recognized by humans from enormous energy and vibration.Hyper Serial Music is a series of moments in various states.In the history of music

technology, Hyper-Serial-Music is innovating the principle of Serialism three-point: "structural", "complex" and "noisy". Spanning from 1728 different noise patterns, these sounds are on the limits of human auditory perception.Developing and expanding the expression of Hyper Serial Music from past works (Arkhitek-ton [2016-17], Matters-ton [2017-18], Quantum-ton [2018-19], “Thermo-ton” [2019-20]), sound and video,are composed algorithms as Hyper Serial Music and

A.I. Music.

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